How to make an inspiring presentation Steve Jobs.I watched this back in April 2008. Here's the summary.

1) Set the theme – make clear and consistent them. Create a headline that sets the direction of the meeting
2) Provide an outline – Open and close each section with a clear transition. “So that’s a, b and now c”
3) Make it easy for your listeners to follow your story
4) Demonstrate enthusiasm and show it “It’s extraordinary, amazing, cool.”
5) WOW your audiences – have fun and be excited
6) Sell an experience – make numbers and statics meaningful, analogies help connect the dots for your audience. “It has 12G of music, that means you can travel to the moon and back.”
7) Make easy on the eye and be visually pleasing, little text
8) Paint a simple picture that doesn’t overwhelm
9) Treat like a show
10) Identify your memorable moment and build up to it
11) Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and spend the time
12) And one last thing…. Give you audiences an added bonus to walk away with a band, a new product or features. This heightens the excitement.
Approach as an event production with a strong opening, product demo in the middle an encore.