Mos Def's New Album Available as T-Shirt

When was the last time you actually bought a cd? I download all my new music online. Well, Mos Def is grabbing the reins and adding even more value for fans.

Mos Def is promoting his new album on a t-shirt! That's right, his new album, The Ecstatic Killer of Sheep-interpolating has the cover art on the front, its track list on the back, and a download code for the album on a hang tag.

Obama - Harnessing Digital Technology

Communicating a message is most effective when done simply. Yet so hard to do. Look at this brilliant Che Guevara style poster for Obama's election campagin. To me, this poster communicates grass-root change in a visually appealing way. His unique selling proposition is, "Change We Can Believe In", he didn’t just talk about change.

I've also been reading a few preso's on the Obama campaign here are the lessons:

Lesson #1: Make a centralized database of every voter
Lesson #2: Social Networks leverage vast audiences quickly and chose the ‘right now’ social networks with LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook and Myspace. On facebook Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain
Lesson #3
Youtube is a powerful tool to spread your messag
Lesson #4 No sale is too small in generating a relationship with the consumer
Lesson #5 Targeting email marketing can generate quick cash with the proper message
Lesson # 6 A self-managed social network can succeed if it fills a void
Lesson # 7 Microsites on niche topics can generate audience exposure that you’d otherwise mis
Lesson #8 SEM is critical and targeted online banner advertising can draw a huge reponse
Lesson #9 Mobile applications engage your audience anytime, anywhere. Txt message alerts
Lesson # 10 Twitter enables quick notifications of audiences
Lesson # 11 Blogging creates an image of expertise when properly executed
Lesson # 12 When transactions are expected don’t give the consumer any excuse not to buy

jectaspecta: Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity...

Jess from The Population posted Elizabeth Gilbert's presentation on TED. Gilbert poses the question of: When it comes to being creative, is it logical or rational to feel afraid of the work... we were put on this earth to do? Gilbert takes us back to ancient Rome and Greece to reveal the creative paradigm of thought, that is, creativity and egos are separate entities. Creativity she says, "Comes to us like thunder."

Check it out from jectaspecta!

Micropayments for mobile phones?

Looks like micropayments are migrating to mobile phones. Not in Australia, but in Japan mobile phones are regularly used to pay for parking metres and vending machines. How cool is that! This is just like the new iphone 3.0 operating system which, "includes purchasing platform that will allow developers of mobile-phone games to sell virtual good via handsets, which billing through itunes. " Time Magazine, June 22, 2009. - Home Page

Killer idea! I know it's been out for a while, but I thought Id file this concept here. I spent an extra 10 minutes researching what they do. Normally I spend 3 minutes on any given website.


I decided to create two twitter accounts, as it allows me to tap into different online communities. I found that having two of my conflicting interests on one account was creating inconsistency. My first Twitter account is all about Marketing, Social Media or any campaigns/ideas that challenge the status quo. The second account is for music and movies... primarily to keep up to date with anything that is new and free.

I love how on twitter you can search for information in real time. This is the first time I thought that someone could take on Google. Totally different ways using search. For example, if you like Pharrel Williams from N.E.R.D - you google him to see his website, tour dates, cds etc, but if you want to know what he's working on right now... tweet it!

Divorce get nasty on Facebook

There's an interesting article that I read last night in Time Magazine, issue: 22 June 2009. It talked about how social networking sites are brilliant for when you want to connect, but what about when you split? If going through a divorce wasn't messy enough! Now that as our lives are becoming seemingly more integrated with the online world, imagine going through a break-up on Facebook? Potentially you could post your fights on each others' walls for all your friends, children and colleges to view. As a result, there is a "semi public laundry-airing that can turn aggrieved spouses into enraged ones and friends into embarressed spectors." Time also mentioned that one (soon to be ex) husband had to delete his wife's profile... but she hacked into one of her friend's profile (who was friends with her husband) and sent several aggressive messages to his mistress and work colleagues. Lawyers love these sites for issues regarding finances and custody, as they can search for contradictions or lies. This is an interesting issue for the online world, taking internet transparency to a new level.

Top 20 Viral Videos

How to plan a vaccation with Social Media

If only I was planning another trip! In the meantime I thought I'd save this URL on here for a rainy day. This article did get me thinking about how more of my off-line experiences are converging with the online world. The most practical lesson from this article is the use of Wikidot. Not only is it a fantastic research tool, but it stores all your ideas, articles and projects together. And obviously you can access this anywhere where there is internet.

My next big dilemma: San Francisco or Jerusalem?!


Link to Social Media Presentations

I found this website that list 10 good social media presentations. I read two of these them on the weekend and found them quite interesting. I've written notes on Obama's digital campaign and What is Social Media. I will compile and concise for your viewing pleasure shortly!

The Future of Facebook.

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pretty sure the future of the company won't really be as a destination Web site, but as the Web-wide platform that connects us not just to our friends, but also the businesses we transact with.

Real deal viral

This is fascinating! "Ever wondered what it would look like if things go viral in real life?" The lesson here is that passion, energy, enthusiasm is palatable! (and your fans will follow) I just love it.

A Post-Modern Take on Digital

This is from Ivan Pollard's blog

Harvard Business Review.

Kate from Stickywood always posts interesting things to read. I like her blogs and she's a lovely person in real life. Anyhoo, enough about me... or her

Harvard Business Review's latest article:

How to build a sustainable, creative organization? This is how Pixar does it... I've typed up general notes from the article. Enjoy!

What is managements' jobs??
Management’s job is not to prevent risk but to build the capability to recover when failure does occurs. Talented people help you recover when you fail! The environment must be safe to tell the truth. You need to constantly challenge all of out assumptions and search for the flaws that could destroy your culture.

What Is Creativity?
Creativity involves a large number of people from different disciplines working effectively together to solve a great many problems. Creativity must be present at every level of the organization.

Taking risks

We’re in a business whose customers want to see something new. This involves great risk and this sometimes makes us feel scared. Come up with unexpected ideas… like a rat wanting to be a chief or a robot love story set in a post-apocalyptic world full of trash. If you want to be original, you have top accept the uncertainty, the uncomfortably and resist our natural tendency to avoid or minimize risks.

Environment and People
We need to construct an environment that nurtures trusting and respectful relationships and this will unleash creativity. If it’s right, everyone feels like they are part of the community and apart of something extraordinary. If the environment supports great people and encourages them to support one another so the whole is far greater than the sum of all the parts. There is no ego. And nobody holds any punches to be polite. It’s far better to learn from problems. Make contributions while it is still a work in progress. Benefits are: we become more creative (after initial embarrassment) Second: can communicate important points to the entire crew. Third: people learn and inspire each other; a highly creative piece of work will spark others to raise their game.

Technology + Art = Magic.
Continual change/reinvention is the norm in an organization when technology and art are together. Try use better technology at every stage of production. I'll end this article with a fascinating quote from this article, "Technology inspires art, and art challenges the technology."

Fun online videos

I was reading Advertising Age online and came across 3 Min Adage videos. They cover everything from latest social media campagins, industry leaders thoughts and highlights from the ANA Branding Conference 180.

Check it out:

Video: 20% Insight Factor

For the right ideas you need a specific insight, not an lazy insight your competitors have. This is called the 80% insight bucket that every one knows. Really it's the 20% insight. Make people DEFEND IT and don't state the obvious.

The 20% insight is understanding beyond the obvious. It's our ability to deciper consumers unarticled needs and consumer behavuiour. Essentially, can your consumer relate?

CEO of Photon - Nigel Long

Nigel is the Global CEO of Naked and also CEO of the Strategic Intelligence Division of Photon. He spent a few days here in our office and shared a few stories.

Essentially, the messages of his stories were, How do we generate growth when the tides recede?

1)We grow by building a new business culture with everyone engaged in the business.
2)Put yourself out there - You need to kiss a load of toads, to find your prince.
3)I like this one - Seemingly insignificant events or experiences can work our brilliantly. Be open to all situations.
4)Look at all angles! What can be lost? What can be achieved?
5)Be consistently good.
6)Managing people is extremely important. If you manage your talent well, you will maximise your benefits.
7) Honest error + treat people well = Right answer
8) Lastly, be enthusiastic!

See you in a month Nigel.

AFA AdSchool

I've been thinking over the last few months... how can I increase my industry knowledge and skill set? I want to study something, but what? It needs to be practical, relevant and intensive. Post-grad and Masters were my first and obvious options, however during my research I saw a few interesting Masters programs in Israel! Definitely saving that idea for 2011 - better start learning Hebrew.

Then I came across AFA AdSchool. It's academically recognised and government accredited Institution of Higher Education. You can choose to do specific electives or participate in core units and end with a post graduate equivalent in a Certificate in Advertising Communication.

If you're keen to chip away at your education and feel like being in that student head space, check out their website.