CEO of Photon - Nigel Long

Nigel is the Global CEO of Naked and also CEO of the Strategic Intelligence Division of Photon. He spent a few days here in our office and shared a few stories.

Essentially, the messages of his stories were, How do we generate growth when the tides recede?

1)We grow by building a new business culture with everyone engaged in the business.
2)Put yourself out there - You need to kiss a load of toads, to find your prince.
3)I like this one - Seemingly insignificant events or experiences can work our brilliantly. Be open to all situations.
4)Look at all angles! What can be lost? What can be achieved?
5)Be consistently good.
6)Managing people is extremely important. If you manage your talent well, you will maximise your benefits.
7) Honest error + treat people well = Right answer
8) Lastly, be enthusiastic!

See you in a month Nigel.