Obama - Harnessing Digital Technology

Communicating a message is most effective when done simply. Yet so hard to do. Look at this brilliant Che Guevara style poster for Obama's election campagin. To me, this poster communicates grass-root change in a visually appealing way. His unique selling proposition is, "Change We Can Believe In", he didn’t just talk about change.

I've also been reading a few preso's on the Obama campaign here are the lessons:

Lesson #1: Make a centralized database of every voter
Lesson #2: Social Networks leverage vast audiences quickly and chose the ‘right now’ social networks with LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook and Myspace. On facebook Obama has 380% more supporters than McCain
Lesson #3
Youtube is a powerful tool to spread your messag
Lesson #4 No sale is too small in generating a relationship with the consumer
Lesson #5 Targeting email marketing can generate quick cash with the proper message
Lesson # 6 A self-managed social network can succeed if it fills a void
Lesson # 7 Microsites on niche topics can generate audience exposure that you’d otherwise mis
Lesson #8 SEM is critical and targeted online banner advertising can draw a huge reponse
Lesson #9 Mobile applications engage your audience anytime, anywhere. Txt message alerts
Lesson # 10 Twitter enables quick notifications of audiences
Lesson # 11 Blogging creates an image of expertise when properly executed
Lesson # 12 When transactions are expected don’t give the consumer any excuse not to buy