Divorce get nasty on Facebook

There's an interesting article that I read last night in Time Magazine, issue: 22 June 2009. It talked about how social networking sites are brilliant for when you want to connect, but what about when you split? If going through a divorce wasn't messy enough! Now that as our lives are becoming seemingly more integrated with the online world, imagine going through a break-up on Facebook? Potentially you could post your fights on each others' walls for all your friends, children and colleges to view. As a result, there is a "semi public laundry-airing that can turn aggrieved spouses into enraged ones and friends into embarressed spectors." Time also mentioned that one (soon to be ex) husband had to delete his wife's profile... but she hacked into one of her friend's profile (who was friends with her husband) and sent several aggressive messages to his mistress and work colleagues. Lawyers love these sites for issues regarding finances and custody, as they can search for contradictions or lies. This is an interesting issue for the online world, taking internet transparency to a new level.