" Is Social Media a Fad? or....

....the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?"

It’s an interesting statement and watch this video.

I need to define what Social Media means in the first place. My understanding is that's it's an umbrella term which defines the way we integrate technology and social interaction expressed through words, pictures and audio.

Tools that we play with online, FB, twitter etc could in theory be a fad. Alternatively the way they exist now will evolve offering new benefits, especially tapping into the theory of Social Graphs(Facebook Connect and OpenID). Social Media has change the way we connect with people, not changed our need to communicate. Our innate human behaviour to communicate is being represented online because our behaviour of communicating has change through the use of technology. So surely social media is just a manifestation of the human conditioning. So what I'm trying to say is that the way we communicate is changing, not the basic need to communicate.