AFA Young Blood

Youngbloods is a platform for young advertising people to socialise, build a network and have a say on industry issues. I went there last night to hear "Controversy Explained.” It was interesting night to hear young passionate individuals discuss the work our industry has produced.

The most relevant although quite dry aspect of the night was hearing Fiona Jolly outline the Advertising Code of Practice. Fiona is the CEO of the Australian Standard Bureau, a self-regulating body that makes sure all advertising, wherever it appears, meets the high standards laid down in the advertising codes. These codes have been set up to reflect society's values and opinions not create them.

The ASB continually surveys the population to hear what we think and from that survey the board will base their values and guidelines. The ASB is becoming increasingly conservative as dictated by the results. Unsurprisingly the results reveal that the 45+ demographic making the most complaints, however surprisingly the 30-39 demographic are winging also and coming in second. Therefore the board takes these relatively young attitudes into consideration as they reflect the younger values of society.

One compliment warrants the piece of communication to be critique as they potentially could represent a portion of society.

The 5 main ways in which communications are judged on are:
Health and Safety
Sex, nudity, nipples

I'm getting involved in the committee; leave a comment with your email address and I’ll get back to you.

Living Statistics!

I found this little Flash application showing how active and dynamic the Social Web is. Obviously it is in constant development.

What is TweetDeck?

It's an online program with various columns for twitter feeds, twitter replies, twitter direct messages, facebook feeds, myspace feeds etc all for seperate accounts! i have it open all day at work and it is much faster if you have to do social media stuff often. It's also better for twitter than web interface because there are simple buttons to Retweet and automatically shortens URLS. You will see, its amazing!

Preparing for a new pitch?

I was asked to research information on a potential client and was given this criteria.

1) Who are the ALL the consumers and categories in which the brand lives
2) What are their motivations
3) Key benefits
4) What is the opportunity
5) How could we solve the problem
6) How do they make their money

Kill A Slide

One of the most interesting aspects of our Comms WIPS is a segment called ‘Kill A Slide’. How it works is that everyone brings their favourite campaign, PowerPoint slide or idea that resonates deeply with them. Mr Cassidy presented ‘Meet The World’ - a powerful interpretation of important, but sometimes very mundane facts about the world we live in. It's communicated in an intriguing and unexpected way, "Using real data taken from Amnesty International and the UN, they (Grande Reportagem in Lisbon, Portugal) developed a series of national flag images based on the actual flags for those places; with the colors and graphics representing current, geographically-relevant issues." Although produced in 2005 this presentation was fresh to us and we thought it would be worth sharing again. The main channel for distribution was through emails chains.