Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus

Shirky's concept of Cognitive Surplus reveals how new technologies have enabled us to collectively collaborate and utilise our spare brain power to change society for the good. Traditionally we spent our time consuming media without being able to interact, now within the digital world we can use our time not only to consume but also participate and share.... and these two intrinsic motivation are overiding our economic motivations.

What are the elements that make up our collaborative surplus?

1) The world's free time and talent
2) The media landscape went from passively consuming media to actively engaging with media. Tools such as the internet and mobile phones have allowed us to do more than just consume, now we can create a share.

These things together reveal human kinds intrinsic motivations of creating and sharing and therefore the internet has created a platform for collaboration and generosity. Watch the video for more!

Facebook Learnings

There are currently 456 million active users globally. Facebook has managed to connect with people and influence culture, creating a social phenomenon. Your Facebook identity is the true you - what you say and share reflects how you want to be seen and this will effect your real life.

The move from "Become a fan" to the "Like Button" is representing the "Like is an extension of me and my interest" which represents our core values. In fact, people click "Like" almost twice more than they click "Become a fan" everyday. This change makes it much faster for brands to build a wealth of new followers.

Facebook fans are self-segmented group of highly valuable customers. We need to understand the value of fan as well as their behaviour to develop a long term strategy. Facebook is a great marketing environment, people enjoy interacting with brands that enjoy interacting with them. The race is on to build a fan base and websites that are integrating Facebook Connect and Facebook Like Button.

Source: Uniqlo and Naked - Facebook Marketing Workshop