Thoughts on Social Media

The rapid change in technological advancement has facilitated new digital platforms. Indeed it has fundamentally changed the way that brands engage with consumers, companies and society. It’s a cultural shift in behaviour, in particular with smartphones, social networking sites and digital technologies (iPad). The debate surrounding these platforms (Facebook) if they will they stay or go (MySpace)…. only time will tell. The shift of consumers participating, engaging, creating communities and sharing (UGC) with brands is here to stay.

Social Media is the interaction and connection between consumers. Digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter facilitate these connections. The future of Social Media is within ‘trusted economies and networks’ whereby brands partner with influencers and create ambassadors to distribute content. This will be largely affected by Facebook’s development and initiation of the social graph. Indeed friends and influencers’ recommendations will be more important. All media will become social and interactive, and traditional channels like TV will integrate digitally and utilize the social graph. Information will become more personal, highly targeted and highly recommended through WOM. The will be less ‘push’ communications and consumers will ‘pull’ content that provides value and entertainment. The way consumers have conversations have changed, from one-to-one to one-to-many on multiple platforms (Hootesuit) in real time. This will provide more transparent, measurable and granular information.